Sunday, June 3, 2007

We're Moving

We will officially head to Atlanta, Georgia on August 15th. We have a furnished apartment in Decatur, Georgia (but have no idea which one or where it is). Caitlin has taken a 13 week travel assignment at Dekalb Medical Center in Labor and Delivery. It's a brand new unit with 12 Labor rooms, and they do 450 deliveries a month. If you do the math that's a little cramped...thank God they're already expanding. Chris will hopefully transfer with WAMU, and school will start on October 1st. We will begin looking for permanent housing when we arrive. Please email us, as we would love to hear from all of you. and You can also keep up on Chris' photography at or Well that's all for now. We are hoping to be able to update this during our trip across the country. If any of you have any suggestions for places to see along the 3,300 mile route, be sure to fill us in.