Monday, July 21, 2008

chris is home

So I just got home and the last thing I should be doing is blogging because I need to start backing up all the photos I took this weekend (before my hard drive crashes again). There are some photos that I will be so very happy to share with all of you very soon. For now, I'm home and safe, and a bit sad that Caitlin isn't here with me. Because she gets more time in Portland, and I miss her. So off I go to get caught up on school! To all of you that we got to see: We love you and are so glad we had time to hang out. To all of you that we missed: We love you and are sad we missed you. For now, see ya!

Monday, July 7, 2008

PDX here we come!!!

That's right. We'll be coming back to Oregon on July 17th. We are heading home to be in Jessica and Jordan's wedding (we're so excited, we've waited awhile to celebrate this fantastic day!!!!!) Chris will be in town July 17 - 21 and I'll be there from the 17th to the 25th. There's going to be a party at my parent's house on Sunday evening, so please give us a call for the details. We can't wait to see ya'll.

way to start Quarter 4!

So this marks the first week of school for my fourth quarter at PC. It had to start with a crashed hard drive, some lost photos, some lost music, and being behind already. That is the bad news. The good news is that the computer is fixed now and we DID have ALMOST everything backed up so its not a total loss, could be worse, and more expensive. So now...we press on, make images, and learn, learn, learn, and hopefully sleep.

3rd Quarter Portfolio Center

So here are my finals for my third quarter at Portfolio Center. Only two made the wall, the flyfisher and the kid with the slingshot.


this one is my favorite
One of Chris' best friends (since grade school) came out last week with his wife Lisa (and baby Blake on the way) and we went and hung out in Savannah Georgia for a few days. Savannah is right off the Atlantic Coast and is about a 3-4 hour drive from Atlanta. On our drive we were determined to find a roadside stand with fresh Georgia really wasn't that hard to find though. The peaches were fantastic. Savannah is a very old city, and is also knows for being the most haunted city in the country (but don't ever waste your money on a ghost tour, we did it for you). The city has beautiful architecture and there are small little parks everywhere. We saw the park that they filmed Forest Gump in..."life is like a box of chocolates." We were determined to get Nate and Lisa some southern home cooking. We went to Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House. Mrs. Wilkes is only open Mon - Fri for 3 hours at lunch and we had to wait in line for 1 hour. You share a table with strangers and eat southern home cooking - fried chicken, collard greens, okra, macaroni and cheese, black eyed peas, and of course the biscuits. I am sure that we each consumed about 10,000 calories, but that's why everyone says it's the best. Right off the coast of Savannah is Tybee Island, where we saw 1 too many jellyfish for our comfort (it was dead), but we were able to spend a day hanging out in the ocean and boogie boarding. We also took a short drive to Hilton Head, SC. Our main goal in driving to SC was to buy some cheerwine. Cheerwine is a cherry type soda that is only sold in the Carolina's, but is coming soon to Atlanta. It's the best!!! We had a great time hanging out with Nate and Lisa and then concluded their stay with dinner at Home restaurant. For those of you who are Top Chef fans, this is Richard Blais' restaurant. It was pretty tasty!!!