Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gold Medals

Timely? I don't know. I got an email today from the Photography department head at Portfolio Center, my school in Atlanta. It was about a project that we did as a class shooting things that had to do with Georgia and Gold. As many of you remember (or not) I shot a lot of Olympic gold medal winners from Georgia. Some Special Olympians and Paralympians as well. The exhibit originally hung in a museum in Atlanta called the Fernbank, now that exhibit is done. BUT, it has traveled to the Cincinnati Museum where it will hang until May 16th, 2010! Here is a blog from Neenah Paper that has a story about us. Of course they chose the photo in which I seem most disinterested. Neenah blog LINK Cincinnati Museum LINK So now my photo story will basically double the number of eyes that see it. Maybe, just maybe this could lead to some work!