Sunday, April 17, 2011

A slight detour

A few weeks ago we told you we were going to start on the bathroom remodel. Well, we sorta lied...stretched the truth...bit off more than we could chew. See, we had also planned to start redoing our fireplace at the same time. We thought we could tackle both, or at least the tile guy told us the fireplace would be a "simple project." That's where the experts at Home Depot come in. The guy at the tile store said we could slap 10 pound tiles directly to drywall without a problem, which made the tile experts at Home Depot cringe...this is where our story begins... The fireplace the day we bought it... We had some major cleaning to do. We tried our best to protect our lungs. We had to tear out the wall the fireplace was on to safely hang tile on the wall. Then fill it in with cement board. The first tiles going up were scary. Chris rocked the tile saw and the mixing of the thinset. Safety first!! Up close of our brushed basalt tile. The finished product! We still have to seal the grout and add back the baseboards, but it's almost complete and we are thrilled with the results.