Sunday, October 28, 2007

New Job

So here's the latest update. I have started my new job at Matria. I will be a primary case manager, which means: I organize in home care for high risk ob patients between the physician, patient, and the home health nurses. This service allows for a time to educate patients and will hopefully prevent many patients from being admitted to the hospital and potentially prevent some preterm deliveries, thus preventing some outrageous labor and delivery and NICU bills. So far I love it!!!!! I never imagined that I would step away from the bedside, but the model of this company is so fascinating to be a part of. It's one of the first companies to realize the importance of patient education and prevention. I work in a little area of the building with 5 other nurses. We each have a cubicle, which I just think is hilarious. The other 5 nurses I work with are all amazing and so much fun. I will also be doing what's called "Babyline" which is a 24 hour advice line for pregnant patients up until their baby is 6 weeks old. We are still in the process of painting and getting our apartment looking better. Next weekend we're taking out the old countertop. I know that we're probably going to get in trouble, but oh well. Maybe in 2 years they won't remember what it looked like before we moved in. We'll post pictures as soon as we're done. Love you all

Monday, October 22, 2007

before pictures

you have to wait for the after photos. we are in our new place now, it is about 60 years old and is dripping with character. we have our first round of pest control coming this week, we are not used to seeing some of these bugs that are totally normal for this part of the country. we will post after photos later but here is an idea of where we live.this is from our screened porch, the bldg across the way looks just like ours, if you go down that road you hit one of the main veins of atlanta called Peachtree, one of the many, but the main one. living room, door on left is to patio dining room weird kitchen the bath another view from our porch...and...the largest directions ever!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

suday morning

Just a short update here. Since Caitlin got a new job we will be moving. We found lots of place to move to but none of them made perfect sense for us. Finally on a whim while driving around apt shopping we drove down Peachtree Memorial Drive in the Buckhead district of Atlanta. Down at the end was a bunch of rad old colonial looking brick buildings with classic screened porches sticking out the front. A couple days later we were able to get inside and see them...they we applied and will be finding out soon if we have a new home or not. Buckhead is an affluent area so we really should be paying more for this apt than we will be, we kinda got a deal, once we move in we'll post some photos for y'all. I think once we settle into the place we will be for the duration of our time here we will start feeling more at home. Then we will also be able to commit to a church family and a small group and maybe even serve somewhere, and the best part ACTUALLY go to church together. we have not been able to go to church together more than I think twice since we got here. That sucks! So needless to say we are both stoked on that. Also i will be able to walk to school, hooray for no more 9 mile 45 minute commutes. Caitlin will have to drive to work now but its all freeway and SHOULD be cake at the times she will be traveling. the ONLY bummer is that she will be working until about 11 every evening, but that will give me time to do my school work. A couple facts about Buckhead: the 3 richest zip codes in atlanta are in Buckhead (so we'll be the poor kids), there are 15 streets with the name Peachtree in them (example our new address on Peachtree Memorial), okay only two facts, i can't remember any more. Thanks for reading up on our lives.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Just a few images

here is just a couple photos i shot off strolling around town.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

New things again

So life here has been full of ups and downs. Most of you know that I have not really enjoyed my job and I think working nights has made me a crazy person. Seriously, how normal is it that I felt like crying every time I walked into that hospital? So, thank God, I have a new job!!! This job will actually take me away from the bedside, which will be weird and exciting, but from what I hear, all hospitals here are understaffed and I really would like to keep my nursing license. The job is at a company called Matria, which provides home care to high risk ob patients, but I would be at their call center doing case management and telephone triage. The hours aren't perfect (2:30pm - 11pm M-F), but I don't have to work any weekends or holidays. But this will give Chris time to get homework done at night. Ahhh homework, something I really don't miss, but now my hubby gets to do. He started school on monday, and I think it will be really fun and really challenging. They actually told him in orientation that they can't write anything bad about the school on their blog (I think that's funny and sad that they've had problems with it.) So far he is really enjoying it, but he has a class called natural light, and his assignment is to take pictures every day at sunrise and sunset. So it's pretty funny, when we're stuck in Atlanta traffic at sunset and he's taking pictures out of the car window. It's weird to have to plan going out to dinner around sunset. But it seems so far that this term will be great. Oh, and by the way, now we have to find a new place to live, because the travel company has been paying our rent, and we have two weeks to find a new place. We're going to move closer to the school, making Chris' commute almost nothing and mine only about 10 miles, so that won't be too bad. Anyways, that's about it. I have to get ready for work. Only 6 more shifts to complete...unless I go to work today and they tell me to leave. I left my notice under my managers door last night. And a note to Annie: I'm glad you like my cards. I want to do a workshop, but I don't know enough people here yet.