Saturday, December 8, 2007

last one for tonight

Caitlin decided to get us some extra pillows for the bed. Anyone see the scene from "Along Came Polly" where Stillers character realized what these pillows are for? Gunnar likes them, Cait thought this was cute and wanted to share it with y'all. Okay im done for the night, it's like i have had all these posts pent up and finally had a chance to get them all out...actually we just had a lot to share and i kept forgetting parts. Oh also on monday the 10th of Dec. i go to critique for my first quarter. I feel pretty good and have gotten a lot of real positive feedback from my instructors but im still a bit nervous. Oh well...good night y'all!


So our 4 year anniversary was on the 5th, that was wednesday. So tonight, saturday, we celebrated. We went out and had dinner at the melting pot...nice and tasty! Some of Cait's pals have complained that we dont have enough photos of us on our blog so here are two.


the title on the next post was suposed to be the title for this one. so its 11:45 now, December 8th, 2007, and Im sitting outside (Caitlin is inside because it is a little warmer) on our screened in patio in a t-shirt and no shoes or socks. THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN IN OREGON! Yes that is the chair i am sitting sure you care...

11:30, 12/08/2007, 58 degrees

Sorry, this one is sideways, this was the bathroom project...ive never replaced a sink before. and the Home Depot orange got covered up, that was our first color choice and it was a bad one. again, after pictures soon. that sticker on Gunnar's head says "Note: This is a permanent label. Do not try to remove. Surface will be damaged." Nice move Caitlin...he lost a little hair but hes fine. Jared getting whooped by Caitlin on the Wii. My friend Jared Coe from George Fox University came over with his friend, Avery from his new church in Colorado. They were in Atl for a youth conference and we forced them to come over and play Wii. They did. Also I made Jared be a model for one of my shoots for school, he makes a great model...if you are going for the just woken up look.

It's Christmas time!

Many of you may be visiting our blog right now because you got our Christmas card. Thank you for looking. I know that it has been a while since our last post. We probably have a lot to update on, and that will come soon. As for now, just a short note...oh, and hi Allen. So until our next post (which will be soon and have photos) Merry Christmas!