Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 1: Portland, OR to Portland, ME

Given that Fall is my favorite time of year, we planned a whirled wind road trip to the East Coast a few weeks ago. The trip would last a total of 17 days (17 1/2 if you count the red eye flight the night before). We would actually step foot in 16 states. Wow!! Our flight to Maine consisted of 3 planes - Portland to Chicago, Chicago to Newark, and Newark to Maine. I (Caitlin) don't fly well, and taking off is the worst for me so this was no fun at all. We knew we had little time in each place so to make the most of it we took off running! We landed in Portland around noon and immediately dropped our bags and headed out. Here's a tour of our first day in Portland, Maine: We stayed at The Inn at St. John. It was a very old building that had a lot of stairs!! It was cute though and only about a 20 minute walk from the water. Of course our first goal was to find the lobster! We first came across Three Sons Lobster and Fish, which will ship live lobsters. Although we weren't going to get ourselves a fresh steamed lobster here, we thought it would be fun to ship one home to someone. Imagine their surprise when they open a box to find a live lobster! That plan was quickly laid to rest given the $90+ price tag. We found our dinner at Portland Lobster Co. A wonderful plate of steamed lobster, corn on the cob, coleslaw, and a baked potato... ...all with a view of the pier! We discovered that The Portland Museum of Art was free on Friday nights. I was very intrigued by this piece. It was make completely out of scotch tape and sewing thread. I'm sure those of you that know my history with scotch tape aren't surprised in the least. But it also had some reeeallly creepy paintings too. We ended our first day with a glorious sunset!! Day tuned for day 2.