Saturday, January 31, 2009


By now many of you have probably heard the news about the octuplets born in Southern California this week, any many of you probably think that this is sort of exciting. Scary is more like it. I would just like to quickly say a thing or two about this. I will not begin to speculate on the treatment this person was undergoing, because I don't know the facts, but it is guaranteed that she used some sort of fertility treatment. Because I work in infertility I want to make it clear that more babies is not better. Our goal in any infertility treatment is to get parents one healthy baby. Sure we see twins at a rate higher than occurs naturally, but most woman can carry twins safely. However, the potential lifelong complications these children could face is very real. Anyways, that's about all I want to say. And yes, by the way, I love the show Jon and Kate plus 8.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

How Did I Not Know?

So it's Thursday night which means Chris has class until 10pm and I'm only 4 days into my 7 day work week, so here I sit wrapped in a blanket on the couch trying to talk myself into doing something more productive than watching Food Network. I'm not getting very far. Anyways, they're having some food competition on the Food Network and one of the amateur competitor is Winston Groom. I had no idea who this guy was until the announcer person says: "he wrote the famous book Forest Gump" Am I the only one that didn't know the movie Forest Gump was based on a novel? Now, granted the movie came out in 1994 which mean that I was 13 years old, which may be why I didn't know. But still did you know?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A very jealous wife

So a few days ago Chris received a text message from Jerry who is one of his teachers and in charge of the photography department at Portfolio Center. The text messages went a little like this: Jerry: do you have a passport? Chris: of course. Jerry: can you get 7 days off of work. Chris (who got really excited): yes and then no response from Jerry for like 20 minutes... Chris: don't leave me hanging. Jerry: I'll call you later I'm boarding a plane. and so we waited for that phone call wondering what it meant and finally 24 hours later Jerry called. He's taking Chris as an assistant on a shoot he's doing for Royal Carribean. An all expense paid 7 day cruise!!!!!!! I'm jealous.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Currently Reading

Okay, so I know the cover is a little cheesy, but this book was recommended to me by my boss and it sounded so good. The book is about a family whose daughter is diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia and they go through the process of PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis) to use IVF (invitro fertilization) to choose an embryo that is a match for their daughter. That way the child they have can be a donor for it's sibling. Because I work it infertility, naturally it intersted me, but I haven't been able to put the book down. The author does a fantastic job telling the story from each person's perspective, so that the reader can form his or her own opinion...sorry Regan I haven't started Time Travelers Wife yet, that's next.

Happy Birthday to Barb!!!

It's my friend Barb's birthday today. Love ya Barb.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I caved

I absolutely hate that they start putting out Haloween decor in August, Thanksgiving in September, Christmas in October, Valentines in December, ect, ect, ect. But I changed our blog theme after caving because all the valentine's decor is now out.

Christmas Money

I got some Christmas money from my parents, and this year I decided to use it to do something I never would have done with my own money. I signed up for a calligraphy class at a local art store. I've always wanted to be able to do it, really just so I can make my Christmas cards look nice. I had my first class last week. When I bought the supplies, I thought how the heck am I going to learn this. I mean, real ink and that funny pen with the nubs. Well, after my first class I'm not so bad. It's actually quite meditative writing "i's" "u's" "w's" "n's" "m's" and "v's" over and over. I've been practicing, here's how it looks so far. And by the way it's very messy.

We miss our Oregon friends

When we originally started this blog a year and a half ago, it was for our friends and family home in Oregon to see what we were up to. Now our friends and family (yes most of the people we know in Georgia aren't technically related, but we consider them family) in Georgia are following our blog, so we thought, Georgia friends and family, meet Oregon friends and family. This is also a little update about our trip to Oregon as well. First meet Jessica and Jordan: We haven't known them all that long, about 4 years but they have come two of our closest friends. Jessica is one of the most spiritually challenging people I know. I love long talks with her because it leaves me really thinking and appreciate that she's bold enough to really ask me how I'm doing. Jordan was the reason that Chris got into photography and has been incredibly encouraging to Chris. Jordan and Jess were married this summer. They are such a wonderful couple we know they will be doing amazing things. We were able to get to their house in the snowstorm, but we had to leave super early because we had promised to watch our neice and nephew...the only problem, we didn't have a car. So we walked from their house to my sister's, stopping for coffee at our favorite Sherwood coffee shop. Yes...we grew up in Sherwood, OR home of the Bowmen. we also went to VooDoo Doughnuts with Jess and Jordan in downtown Portland around midnight. They're open 24 hours. They have crazy doughnuts, like captain crunch and maple bars with bacon. Meet Stephanie: Stephanie and I have been friends since high school. I am eternally grateful to Stephanie as she was instrumental in forming my faith. We can go for months without talking and pick up where we left off. We are both crafty, so most times we get together and knit. She also got married this past year. Wow, our friends are earning us frequent flier miles. meet Joel and Peggy: Chris and Joel have been friends since high school. It was Joel who helped to form Chris' faith. They have quite the zoo at their house, 2 crazy border collies, 2 cats (one whose very sick), and lots of fish. Joel owns a saltwater fish store also. We are unfortunately a little too close to them in some ways. They have loved us enough to take care of us when the New Years cocktail potluck got a little out of control. Thank you. Also we have constant reminders of them, because Joel made our wedding rings. They're our sushi friends. They taught us to like it, we were able to go out for sushi with them, go to a hockey game, McMenamins, and we taught them Mexican Train Dominoes. meet Barb: we had just started our friendship when we moved to Georgia. We both used to have Tuesdays off, so we would go hiking. I am so thrilled that she may be coming to Georgia for Memorial Day!!!!! I just have to get approval for the time off. I can't wait. and I just can't get enough of these two!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009


It's been awhile since we've posted anything, so let me give you some quick updates. Since being back in Georgia I've returned to work, which never has a dull day. I've been there 4 months so I'm still learning ALOT. Who knew there was so much to know about getting pregnant!! But I truly enjoy it and my coworkers are amazing. Chris started his new quarter 6 of 8 now!!! Wow he's over halfway done. We've been able to start up our small group again and I'm so excited for the year to come. We spent the last 4 months getting to know our group and now I think we're going to be able to develop deep relationships. We're so excited and feel very blessed that we have such an amazing group of friends here in Georgia. Well that's about it, I've been typing notes into charts all day at work and don't have it in me to add much more.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pray for the Lamberths

Just wanted to invite you to visit this website. Through modern technology we're passing this information on. It couldn't hurt to have more people praying.

Just Finished

So when we got to the airport to fly home to Oregon I made my usual stop at the book/magazine/gum/candy/neck pillow store. You know the one where they have the sign that says: if you don't get a receipt your purchase is free. And I always wonder about that sign and hope that maybe just maybe they'll forget to hand me that tiny piece of paper. I wonder what happens to those staff members who forget to give the receipts. Anyways, I was in that store thinking that I needed a book to read on the airplane. Although the entire time I was thinking to myself, Caitlin you don't read books on airplanes. First off it makes you sick to read in a moving vehicle (even with Dramamine) and second all you do is sleep on airplanes. Not this time...this time I will be more educated when I reach my final destination and have a literary work to discuss with others. Well needless to say the book did not get finished until we have come back to the ATL and now I'm not sure if I was smarter before or after I read it. The cover says it's soon to be a major motion picture and if you've read the book, please comment on what exactly the movie will be like, considering I'm still not completely sure what the book was about. The book is The Road by Cormac McCarthy

Saturday, January 3, 2009

And We're Back

We made it home from Oregon one day before it started snowing again. We've actually already unpacked and done most of the laundry in less than 24 hours...pretty amazing for us. Now we just need to wait for our Christmas presents to arrive because we couldn't fit them in our suitcases. Sorry to those you couldn't see while we were home, Artic Blast 2008 put quite a damper while we were home in Oregon. We wish you all a great 2009.