Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving X 2 Part 2

So blogger is acting funny so I had to do these in two posts. We spent the actual day of thanksgiving with Kyle and Regan and it was truly homemade. Everything was homemade. We even made pumpkin pie with real pumpkins, not the canned kind. Seriously the best pie I have ever had. Kyle brought his projector home from work and we played Wii, giant sized.

Thanksgiving x 2

So this was our second Thanksgiving away from the NW. Although we didn't get to spend it with biological family, we were able to enjoy the holiday with our Atlanta family. We celebrated on Sunday night with our small group. It was a blast. Chris and I hosted it and I was able to go all out decorating the house. Even sophie (the Yorkie was able to join in the festivities.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chris' one thing

1. I just read Caitlin's last post, you know the one about me...and I almost cried, and I'm at work. I love my wife.
  • Take note you other women that have already done 100 things about one for your man too, it will definitely be a huge ego stroke!
  • Tuesday, November 18, 2008

    100 Other Things

    Well, after I wrote 100 things about me, I told Chris he had to post his. He promptly, so instead I decided that I would write 100 things I love about him.
    1. I love that he is creative.
    2. I love that he likes to go to places like the museum and the zoo with me.
    3. I love that he describes my cooking as awesome.
    4. I love that when we take Gunnar for a walk that he holds his leash and picks up his poo.
    5. I love that he has an opinion when we go clothes shopping.
    6. I love that he drives the cart at the grocery store.
    7. I love that he loves my family enough to let us spend the money to fly home and surprise my sister when her daughter was born.
    8. I love that he goes on "adventures" with my nephew.
    9. I love that when we were dating he would drive 45 minutes each way just to see me.
    10. I love that he is a #7 on the anneagram test.
    11. I love it's okay with him that I send out 150 Christmas cards even though he could care less.
    12. I love that he likes to go out for dessert.
    13. I love that a great date night is going to Borders, ordering coffee, and looking at books.
    14. I love it that he makes the coffee and sets the timer for the next morning.
    15. I love that he does the dishes after dinner.
    16. I love that he doesn't mind it when I sleep in.
    17. I love that he's still working at WAMU just so that we can have health insurance until mine kicks in.
    18. I love that he takes pictures.
    19. I love that he'll doesn't change the channel on the radio when I turn it to talk radio.
    20. I love that he brings me things I left at home to work.
    21. I love that he fills my car with gas.
    22. I love that he doesn't complain when I'm watching HGTV or Food Network.
    23. I love that he buys me popcorn at the movies, even though he knows I'll only eat a few bites.
    24. I love that he likes margaritas.
    25. I love that he likes to travel.
    26. I love that he loves the NW.
    27. I love that he has learned how to sit on the beach and read a book while on vacation.
    28. I love that he lets our dog sleep in our bed.
    29. I love that he doesn't mind that I'm in my pajamas by 5pm.
    30. I love that he plays Carcassone with me.
    31. I love that he helped in the nursery the other day just because I asked him.
    32. I love that he'll run to the store when I'm in the middle of cooking because I forgot something at the store.
    33. I love that he walks on the side closer to the road when we go on walks.
    34. I love that he separates my favorite sections from the Sunday paper for me to read.
    35. I love that he takes out the garbage.
    36. I love that he bathes the dog and clips his nails.
    37. I love that he appreciates art.
    38. I love that he doesn't complain about going to Bed Bath and Beyond with me.
    39. I love that he would go eat sushi with me if I begged.
    40. I love that he'll drive to the beach or the mountains with me on a whim.
    41. I love that he'll still play with legos.
    42. I love that when I say I like a song he buys it on I Tunes and makes me a CD for my car.
    43. I love that he confirms that my alarm is set each night.
    44. I love that he likes Mexican food as much as I do.
    45. I love that he likes trying new restaurants.
    46. I love that he stops to grab fliers in front of houses for sale even though we'd never buy it.
    47. I love that he plays the guitar.
    48. I love that he likes hockey games.
    49. I love that he lets me talk about work over dinner and doesn't throw up.
    50. I love that he gets me breakfast at Corner Bakery and brings it to me when I'm working in the nursery.
    51. I love that he likes to watch Throwdown with Bobby Flay with me.
    52. I love that he ate at Bobby Flay's restaurant and bought me a cookbook.
    53. I love that he likes coffee as much as I do.
    54. I love that he took me to a Braves game even though he hates baseball.
    55. I love that when I freak out and get upset he lets me.
    56. I love that he lets me go to PetSmart and look at the kitties for adoption.
    57. I love that once we own a house again, he'll let me get a kitty.
    58. I love that he keeps me away from the Humane Society because we both know we'd end up with another dog.
    59. I love that he calls our friends to make plans because otherwise they'd never happen.
    60. I love that he's an extrovert.
    61. I love that he appreciates his Scottish heritage.
    62. I love that he's is glad I want to eventually be a stay at home mom.
    63. I love that he's encouraging me to learn Spanish...I really need to sign up for classes.
    64. I love that he's teaching me photoshop.
    65. I love that he has an opinion.
    66. I love that he has a 3 letter last name.
    67. I love that he buys me live plants even though he knows that I will kill them.
    68. I love that he bought me every season of Gilmore Girls on DVD.
    69. I love that he doesn't mind that I buy cookbooks.
    70. I love that he doesn't think it's weird that I quilt.
    71. I love that he's actually called all of my quilts cool.
    72. I love that he took me skydiving.
    73. I love that he likes eating pancakes for dinner.
    74. I love that he likes the water.
    75. I love that he'll clean the bathtub.
    76. I love that he does the trim when we paint.
    77. I love that he wants to volunteer at the 2010 Olympics.
    78. I love that he'll go to the grocery store at midnight for ice cream.
    79. I love that he talks to strangers in the elevator.
    80. I love that he doesn't get mad at me when I tell him that I don't want him getting a motorcycle.
    81. I love that he loves God.
    82. I love that he's honest.
    83. I love that he's loyal.
    84. I love that he doesn't mind it when I fall asleep watching movies.
    85. I love that he wants to go to Greece as badly as I do.
    86. I love that he likes to look at Christmas lights.
    87. I love that he doesn't mind that I'm an introvert.
    88. I love that he encourages me to try new things.
    89. I love that he is nice to waiters and waitresses.
    90. I love that he puts shopping carts back where they are supposed to go.
    91. I love that he didn't mind moving for a 3rd time just to get out of a haunted apartment.
    92. I love that he's excited about school.
    93. I love that he loves tater tots and a ruby beer from McMenamins.
    94. I love that he knows to make sure my margarita has salt on it.
    95. I love that pays attention to my random daydreaming.
    96. I love that he doesn't complain that I'm 15 minutes early to everything.
    97. I love that he doesn't complain.
    98. I love that he'll eat vegetables.
    99. I love that he loves happy hour at Gustavs.
    100. I love that he loves me.

    100 Things

    So a few of my friends recently have taken the challenge to list 100 facts about themselves. I'm joining the challenge...not sure if I'll finish. 1. I was born with two different sized pupils. 2. When I was young I stuck a poisonous berry up my nose because my sister told me too. 3. I love going to the library, but my books are always turned in late. 4. Even though she's a criminal, I really like Martha Stewart. 5. HGTV and Food Network are my favorite tv channels. 6. I love margaritas with lots of salt. 7. I hate getting ready in the morning. 8. I love that I get to wear scrubs to work. 9. I am a # 2 when I take the anneagram test. 10. I want to be a stay at home mom when I have kids. 11. I met my husband when I was in high school. 12. The only boy I've ever kissed is my husband. 13. I love magazines. 14. I don't like writing 100 things about me. 15. I'm scared of cooking turkeys. 16. I like all crafts, but don't stick with one thing very long. 17. I just realized that I've been baking sweet potatoes for 1 1/2 hours...they don't smell burned yet. 18. I love wrapping presents. 19. My favorite season is fall. 20. I like to feel needed. 21. I love getting kitchen gadgets as gifts. 22. I'm an introvert 23. I get bored at concerts. 24. I want to volunteer at the 2010 olympics, but still haven't turned in my application. 25. I wish I could sing. 26. I love boxed macaroni and cheese. 27. I think that everyone should experience the NW in their lifetime. 28. I love getting popcorn at the movies, but only end up eating a few bites and remembering that it's not that good. 29. It makes me mad when I get a box of Junior Mints that are chewy. 30. I've never ridden a horse. 31. I love trying new restaurants. 33. I wish I liked getting up in the morning. 34. I like it that our dog sleeps in our bed. 35. I like talk radio. 36. I'd rather have salty snacks over sweet. 37. I cry at animal documentaries. 38. I regret not being friends with my sister sooner in life. 39. I want to live in a neighborhood where everyone is friends and has an open door policy. 40. I don't like bananas if they have any green on them. 41. Water relaxes me, my dream is to have a waterfront house. 42. I would like to go to culinary school. 43. I was excited to go back to school in the fall. 44. I loved school supply shopping when I was little. 45. I still love buying new pens and paper. 46. The penguins, elephants, giraffes, and polar bears are my favorite animals at the zoo. 47. I think that every "as seen on tv" product looks like a good idea. 48. I hate cilantro. 49. I've never had a cheese I didn't like. 50. I like wine, but never finish my glass if I'm at home. 51. I like reislings the most. 52. I'm learning to like red wine. 53. My favorite sandwich is egg salad. 54. Thanksgiving is my favorite meal. 55. I wish I spent more time in prayer. 56. I am not good at giving compliments and wish I was better at it. 57. I hate grocery shopping. 58. I don't like crowds. 59. I'm good at parallel parking. 60. I wish I knew Spanish. 61. I'm good at spelling and it bugs me when people can't spell. 62. I love trivia. 63. Christmas is my favorite holiday. 64. I still look at wedding magazines, even though I've been married for 5 years. 65. Cat Cora is my favorite iron chef (yes, I know all their names). 66. I'd like to get my masters degree someday. 67. I've learned to hate doorbells because they make my dog bark. 68. I don't like it when strangers in elevators try to talk to makes me nervous. 69. I am always at least 15 minutes early to everything. 70. I've been skydiving and will never go again. 71. I've witnessed hundreds of births. 72. I love playing in the water. 73. I would like to join a bookclub. 74. I have read Ulysses from cover to cover. 75. I cannot keep plants alive. 76. I love cookbooks. 77. I am scared to leave the dryer or the dishwasher running if I'm not home. 78. I like to play scrabble. 79. I like watching hockey games. 80. I don't like bugs, and had never seen so many until I moved to the south. 81. I get nervous when there's motorcycles near me on the road. 82. I like blogging because I can be honest. 83. I've never been to Disney Land or Disney World. 84. I love the snow. 85. I wish I was better at not spending money. 86. I'm hoping the next house we buy is a fixer upper, but am not really sure I'd be good at living in a house while it's being remodeled. 87. I need instant gratification or I get bored. 88. I hate Walmart, but somehow can't avoid it. 89. I wish I didn't chew on my fingernails. 90. I've never been scared of clowns. 91. I'll listen to any type of music as long as I can sing along. 92. My favorite TV show growing up was Full House. 93. I cry at movies easily. 94. I love the Gilmore Girls. 95. My favorite color is red. 96. I'm learning to enjoy sweet tea. 97. I'm allergic to something and we don't know what it is. 98. Getting shots and having my blood drawn doesn't bother me. 99. I wish I read more books. 100. I am so glad to be done with this. Now it's your turn.

    Tuesday, November 4, 2008

    Garden Delight

    The other day I went out to our garden to cut some parsley, and much to my delight found out that our broccoli has grown! So tonight we picked it and plan to eat it with dinner. Well, I will, but Chris has a photo shoot. So he'll have to have some later.But does anybody know what's wrong with my lettuce? Does it normally flower?

    Sunday, November 2, 2008

    Fall Thing

    Yesterday was the "Fall Thing" at our church. It was a fun day hanging out with everyone and eating chili, yum! I was also able to meet Karen. Karen occassionally writes comments on our blog, but I could never figure out who she was. Everytime she wrote a comment I would go to her blog and read and try my hardest to find out how knew eachother. It turns out we had never met, but in this age of blogging she had found my blog. It was really fun to meet her.