Saturday, December 8, 2007

11:30, 12/08/2007, 58 degrees

Sorry, this one is sideways, this was the bathroom project...ive never replaced a sink before. and the Home Depot orange got covered up, that was our first color choice and it was a bad one. again, after pictures soon. that sticker on Gunnar's head says "Note: This is a permanent label. Do not try to remove. Surface will be damaged." Nice move Caitlin...he lost a little hair but hes fine. Jared getting whooped by Caitlin on the Wii. My friend Jared Coe from George Fox University came over with his friend, Avery from his new church in Colorado. They were in Atl for a youth conference and we forced them to come over and play Wii. They did. Also I made Jared be a model for one of my shoots for school, he makes a great model...if you are going for the just woken up look.

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Jess and Jordan said...

I love the bathroom, I can't believe you would paint over such an exquisite color!!! Haha, thanks for the pictures, we sure do miss you guys and our pizza and tree decorating party we used to do!