Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Garden Delight

The other day I went out to our garden to cut some parsley, and much to my delight found out that our broccoli has grown! So tonight we picked it and plan to eat it with dinner. Well, I will, but Chris has a photo shoot. So he'll have to have some later.But does anybody know what's wrong with my lettuce? Does it normally flower?


Anonymous said...

hi you guys..i love you...yo mama

Anonymous said...

hi that was me..i tried to send you a comment a while
ago from the library but not sure if it went..i was wondering if you had any of those pics you took during the summer..i would love to see them.they
dont need to be on your blog but yo could send some to us.bt the way christopher, your bro wants you to take a pic of your tat and send it to him because he wants to get the same one.I thought that was kinda cool.anyway please let me know if you got this and the other one i sent..you could call in the am anytime...love you both

Brazenlilly said...

Hi Caitlin,
I can't help you with your lettuce, but I wanted to get back to you about the comment you left on my blog about the christmas cards. I buy my digital stuff from scrapbooking websites like twopeasinabucket.com and designerdigitals.com. Some of them come in ready-made templates and some of them have different elements that I put together to make a card. Hope that helps! Feel free to email me if you want more info.

-Jen T. (Kevin and Dana's friend)