Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Today was a crazy day at work. I normally leave at 4:30, but today I was still there at 5:30 finishing nursing notes. So when I walked in the door I was greeted by a wonderful thing...chicken broth. I started a batch of chicken broth in the slowcooker last night and had forgotten about it. The smell reminds me of walking into my grandma's house on Thanksgiving. Chris and I are trying to be alot better about spending money. We've tightened our budget, started cutting coupons, and are generally trying to be better stewards of our money. Here's one way that I save hundreds of dollars per year. I never buy boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Generally these run about 2-4 dollars per pound. I buy bone in, skin on chicken breasts when they're .99 a pound. It takes about 5 minutes to butcher them yourself. Then with the leftover bones I put them in a slowcooker, add a few carrots, a left over onion, celery that is probably almost ready for the trash and a few bay leaves. Then fill your slowcooker with water. Turn it on low for 15 or so hours and you now have free chicken broth. Just make sure you strain it. I actually went to the store yesterday and bought $50 worth of groceries for $5 after coupons and incentives...this included about 10 pounds of chicken breasts, and now I have broth for free.

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Jordan and Jessica said...

Teach me of your ways! When you move home you need to live with us instead of your parents so you can teach me all your fancy tricks! =)