Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dining Room Update

We have begun the very long tedious progress of finishing the living/dining room combo. This will be one of our biggest painting projects. Normally the accessorizing is saved to the end, but I just couldn't pass this guy up. I've been saving my groupons to Pistils Nursery on N. Mississippi Ave for awhile. I was hoping I could use the coupons to get me a few baby chicks, but I've lost that battle. Not only does Chris not want chickens, he pointed out the rules of our neighborhood says no farm animals. I'm still going to try my persuasive techniques though. Instead of live chicks, I went the live plant route and picked me up a nice big air plant. I figured we could use a little oxygen cleansing dude in our house and we came home with this... His name is T. Xerographica and he's a monster of an air plant. Generally you only have to mist them, but this one has to be soaked twice monthly. We put him in this cute tray that I stained, added some gray rocks, and he's done. I can breathe better already. And here's a shot of our half completed dining room. We have a number of things to finish:
  1. paint the trim on the window (you can's see it, but it's still ugly brown)
  2. hang floor to ceiling white curtain panels on the windows.
  3. replace the white table top with a larger wood one to give some contrast to all the white.
  4. hang a huge piece of artwork on the wall.
  5. replace that horrifyingly ugly chandelier with this one:
Well, not this one exactly, since it retails for over $1100!!! But we have major plans for a DIY version that we'll post as soon as we tackle it. P.S. Isn't the photograph of the room gorgeous??!! That was shot from my amazingly talented hubby and there's almost no photoshop done to the photo...AMAZING!!

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Team Lewis said...

Looks like things are coming along!! Chris and I will be making it home the last week in July!! I am so excited to see you. We have not had a moment to breath these days. I will call you as soon as I get a free moment. Love and Miss you!