Sunday, September 9, 2007

Come on in y'all

Everyone told us that the south is hospitable...and yes, yes it is. So we have been here for a total of 3 sundays now and have visited two different churches. At each church we have been approached genuinely and greeted because they knew we were new. That's how you do it! So far we have been invited to two separate life groups, or home groups, or community...whatever you want to call them, and have visited to one couples house for dinner. PEOPLE HERE ARE NICE, GENUINELY NICE! I love it. I think we might have found our church already also which is pretty cool. Honestly I was a little worried that our church search would last far too long. But God is good. That's it for now so please keep in touch and call us whenever you want, just remember 8pm in Portland is 11pm here. Peace Chris made this post.


Anonymous said...

i love you so much christopher.
sometimes my chest just isnt big enough for the pride and love i have for you in there.i am praying for grandpa,and i know whatever the future is for him hes headed in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

I'm almost done with nursing school! I just got to work and found out that you're gone. I'm so sad. Mail me. Laura P.

Anonymous said...

Caitlin, I am finally reading about your move. I am sure you could catch me up on so much. I still get sad thinking about your goodbye party. I loved reading all your stuff(funny!). I am glad things are going well for you and Chris. I am guessing you ran into Tammy...Did you know you would be in the same area? Hey, are you coming out in October? Do you have time for a Girl's Sleepover? I am sure you know about our Annie. I miss having my buddies at work.
Love ya, Leah