Sunday, September 2, 2007

No Beer on Sundays

So we went grocery shopping tonight and Chris had to replenish his beer supply. He pondered for a moment why the lights to the beer and wine isle were off, but grabbed his six pack and headed for checkout. The kind lady behind the counter said y'all can't buy beer on Sunday. We thought she was kidding until her manager came over...ooops. So we have learned a very good lesson - buy your alcohol on Saturday. Tonight we're writing this from our balcony. It's actually a nice enough (meaning not to hot here, versus too cold or rainy where we're from) to sit out here. We went and bought 2 white rocking chairs today. So now we have our rockers and our hound dog, all we need is a shotgun, but I'm sure you can't buy those on Sundays either. Chris continues at WAMU, but hates his drive, while my drive couldn't be nicer. It actually takes me less time to drive to the hospital than it does to drive through the parking lot at the hospital. Work seems to be okay, but it seems that I will have to get used to some things. We miss all of you and will try to start making phone calls more often.


DKG&Z said...

We go to school with a bunch of people from the the south and i am continually amazed at the sort of things they consider normal. Good people but strange very strange. Thank the good lord for Oregon where you can get pissed at any day of the week!

Anonymous said...

I CAN'T BELIEVE that law! What a riot!! Well if nothing else, it sure makes for a good story!

Miss you guys,