Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Where have we been?

So I haven't written in a while, mainly because this past week has been a bit eventful for us. I know alot of you have been kept in the loop, but for those of you that haven't here's the recent events in our lives. I proceeded to my primary care doctor 2 weeks ago today with night sweats and a lump in my armpit. She sent me for a chest xray which showed an enlarged spleen, bloodwork revealed some abnormal liver function tests. Because of the enlarged spleen she sent me to have a CT scan of my pelvis and abdomen. After follow up with her, she sent me to see an oncologist/hematologist because the biggest concern was that I had lymphoma. He saw me last week and we did alot of bloodwork and a bone marrow biopsy. Just a side note, bone marrow biopsies are one of the most uncomfortable things to ever go through. He also send me for an ultrasound of the enlarged lymph node in my armpit. We went back to the oncologist today and got our results. The bone marrow biopsy was all negative, so he can rule out leukemia and advanced lymphoma. He is still a little concerned about the enlarged spleen, night sweats, and enlarged lymph node, however this is all explained by what they did find in my bloodwork...I have active mono! Now how I got this I cannot tell you, but according to him it's a little more contagious than we thought. So he's still going to follow up with me in a month just to check things out again, but we think we have an answer. Now I'm waiting to get clearance from the people at the CDC to go back to work. So thank you to all who have been praying, I have truly felt a sense of peace over me this week as I waited for results.


Jordan and Jessica said...

You poor thing.. those yucky tests and it's mono! We are rejoicing that it's just mono. Praying for quick recovery!! Love you!

Karen said...

Oh, gosh, how scary to go through all of those tests and procedures. Glad it is just mono, though mono is not fun. I had it in college and went to the doctor (and had an ER visit) before they figured out what was wrong. I had to take incompletes that semester.