Sunday, February 22, 2009

My hubby's home!!!

Chris returned home yesterday afternoon after a week at sea assisting a photographer. It was a very long week for both of us. For him, because he worked long hours and for me because I was all alone and we couldn't have any form of communication (unless you count the 1 text message I received daily from him). I knew that we would have a lot to talk about when he got home, so I planned to go for a picnic that afternoon so we could sip some wine and have a little snack while discussing our week. I also decided that I would give Chris a hint about this as well, so I wrote him one card a day and tied them with a ribbon and hid them in his suitcase. Each card contained one clue to the surprise. Well...we got to have our picnic, but it was so cold outside we had it on our living room floor. After a few hours of discussing our week, we took a four hour nap because neither of us had slept all week.

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Jessica said...

Too cute, what a sweet idea!