Saturday, July 18, 2009

What our healthcare system has come to

About a month ago, I sliced through my finger while chopping through a red bell pepper. We proceeded to our nearest ER and after a few hours of waiting, was discharge with just a bandaid. Anyways, today I received a letter in the mail from BCBSGA asking me how my accident happened. Looks like they were trying to get either my auto insurance to pay (if the accident was auto related) or the responsible party to pay (if someone tried to harm me). They asked me to describe what happened. Rather than just tell them the basics, I thought I would humor the poor soul at BCBSGA to read my exciting tale of cutting my finger. Notice I thought making it long enough to go down the page would be nice.

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Kim said...

whomever filled out this form.. I love your handwriting.. it's perfect..