Monday, October 26, 2009

The Official Announcement

Let's answer the big question right we're not going to have a baby. We have no plans for a baby right now, though in the field I work in, I can't help to worry if my ovaries are drying up at the ripe old age of 28...but anyways that is not our concern today. We have made the almost impossible decision to move back to Portland. This is a decision we've been trying to make since June. It has been almost the hardest decision we have had to make as a married couple. Our friends here have become our family and I get tearful thinking of the goodbye we're going to have to say, you really have no idea how much they've touched our lives and made our move to Atlanta a wonderful experience. I have taken a position at Oregon Reproductive Medicine and we are trusting for God to provide freelance positions for Chris. I will fly into Portland on November 26 and Chris will join me a few weeks later after he drives across the country. We would have liked to have done the drive together, but we couldn't make the timing work. So that's the big announcement...sorry for keeping so many people in the dark. I wasn't able to let my job know until today and felt it only fair they know first. One of the most exciting things about leaving one infertility practice for another is that the doctor's at each practice started together. It's sort of like leaving my work family for their extended family.

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Jillian said...

Congratulations on your decision and your new job! It's hard to say goodbye, but it's always nice to have a fresh start. If Chris needs to stop in Denver on his drive across the country, he knows who to call!!