Sunday, January 23, 2011

some finished photos

So, it's Chris here, I'm waiting for some software to install so I thought I'd blog real quick like. This is our finished bedroom.
Caitlin really wanted to do this stick thing, I thought it was silly, now I love it.
As you can see we still have some little minor details that need buttoning up, like paint on the original 47 year old hardwoods.
Groovy simple doorknobs.
Hairy rug.
Okay, so we did ruin a few things, we tried to use a hole drill to make the knob holes bigger to fit the knew door handles we got. Yeah, the drill kinda got away from me.
Some original built in cabinets, check out the Jetson's door pulls.
This is Gunnar's bed.
Also, as a reward to you for reading this far, our hallway, and Caitlin working away in the office.

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Team Lewis said...

It looks beautiful. THings are comming along. I look forward to seeing more of the house!! Miss you