Monday, January 31, 2011

this week at the house

So here is what the house looks like this week.
We moved the office furniture into the family room because we are painting the office. My dad (that is him) came over to help me do some flooring in the laundry room and pick up a door for the office. It is a sliding closet door. You see that big entry way in the center of the photo, yeah there used to be a sliding glass door there. After my dad and I finished the floor, and picked up the door, he suggested that we just put the door in real quick. Well, really it was more like lets take the door our and then stop. The sheetrockers are coming out tomorrow. THEN, I can put in the new door.
Today, my cousin, an electrician came over and did a panel change for us. We used to have a super old panel called a pushmatic. I guess we needed another one. So between the sears repair man and the sheetrocker guy (coming over to give an estimate) I helped him.
And here, well, I just thought the light was cool.

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