Friday, August 31, 2007

For My Gals at FBC

Here's how my first day of orientation went (sorry for all of you non nurses who won't understand most of this) -5 scheduled c/s -1st case scheduled 0730, into OR at 0815, response from preceptor..."you do what you can do" wow, can you imagine saying that to a surgeon at Salem? -Doing 5th scheduled case at 1800 -PACU ratio 2:1 -no birth buddies -no lunch -no breaks -no tech in or -2 anesthesiologist in whole hospital (now how do you get epidurals for all 450 deliveries they do?) -All orders on the computer, which went down, and I still don't have a password -one of the nights I'm scheduled still needing 9 RNs to get to core So this was basically my day, and I have a horrible headache. I'm sure it will be better once I can figure out how to do everything. But the best thing...NO MEDICATION BARCODES!!!! Love you all and really truly miss all of you

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Anonymous said...

Oh my no techs in the Kate and I sit with nothing to do (haha) other than read every inch of your blog. Sounds as though you have had quite an interesting venture. Glad to hear things are somewhat going well for you other than the work situation. We miss you terribly and wish you all the luck in your new job.

Lori and Kate