Monday, September 15, 2008

Today was a good day for everyone. It was start of my second week at ACRM which was great, although I feel like I'm never going to learn all the lab work and the medications. When Chris and I were got home, we were able to enjoy a glass of one of our favorite wines, Smoking Loon Merlot. We highly recommend it to you. Especially if you don't enjoy red wine, it's a good place to start. Gunnar had a great day too. Not only did he get a new bag of dog food (which he finds exciting) and a new bag of treats...but he got a new tennis ball!!! Not really exciting for you people folks, but it's like winning the lottery to him. And the really special thing about this tennis ball, is that it squeaks. He's obsessed with sqeaky toys and this ones harder to destroy. I was also able to spend sometime tonight stamping and making cards. This is really relaxing to me and I love it. Here's the card I made tonight. And the best part of the day...we got a new digital camera!!! Even though Chris has all of his big camera and lenses, they're not easy to stick in my purse just to have with us. After 5 years of lugging around our old digital camera, we got a new one today.


Leach Family said...

I am so excited to see you are blogging I can kinda catch up! Miss you..glad your new fob is fun!

marcia walker said...

hi you..its mom here,im at the libarary on line looking for a job,well blogging
really..dont tell Bill!!!!lol..
do people even use lol anymore..well anyway like i said i love you both and had so much going through your two look sooooo good and happy.the baby addie is so beautiful.tell your sissy "she did good".
you got some good gunnar pics too.
i was hopeing to either see 1 or 2
of the pic from when you were here on your blog or maybe you can send them to me,you know the ones you took of us together before we left..i have none you know? well better get back to job hunting it wont come find you b oth so much.and thanks for the blog its fun.xoxoxoxoxoxo (i never know,do you end with a kiss or a hug?)