Tuesday, December 23, 2008

and it continues

In my entire life of living in the NW I have never seen this much snow. For all of our friends living in the south I promise if you ever come out here THIS IS NOT NORMAL!! We have basically been stuck inside now since we flew into PDX. We didn't buy any presents before we left because we didn't want to have to carry them, now we're hoping to brave the weather today to go out and shop. We're supposed to have 4 more inches tomorrow so this may be the only chance. We spent yesterday sledding with my nephew. Chris was able to get out his snowboard.


reganleigh.wordpress.com said...

Too. Much. Snow. :) FYI you ran a stop sign.

Anonymous said...

hi guys
that was tooo cool.
i also saw you run the stop sign.bad boy.
love you.