Monday, December 8, 2008

Quick update

Life has been pretty crazy this last week. Chris is getting ready to critique for his 5th quarter, and I must say his work this quarter is pretty amazing. We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on Friday the 5th (wow...what's the deal with 5th?) We have been crazy busy and didn't really even have time to celebrate, but it was really special anyways. Chris sent me flowers at work, which probably doesn't seem all that special to many of you, but normally he brings flowers home to me. So I loved that he actually took the time to figure out the address to my work (and we do have 4 offices, so he had to figure out which one). He also had the florist put in these cook branches in the flowers, because the traditional 5th anniversary gift is wood. I love getting gifts that have thought behind them. Then we had dinner at a brewery right outside of Atlanta, which is always one of Chris' favorite places to eat. We spent this weekend getting our christmas cards ready and took our friends christmas card pictures as well. Then they took us out to dinner at Mary Macs Tea Room...YUMMMMMMMM. Thanks Kyle and Regan. Sorry I'm not posting any's too late to get out the USB cord. Night.


Regan said...

Yay for awesome photography from Chris and wonderful hair assistance from Caitlin to keep it out of my eyes. :) Thanks again! Glad we got to take you to dinner at one of our fav places.

Kim said...

Congratulations on your Anniverary!
May God continue to bless your union for many, many more anniversaries to come.