Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day Off...Oncologist, Bodies, Food and More

Both Chris and I had the day off together, which is pretty amazing considering we didn't plan it that way. Our morning started off with a follow up appointment to Atlanta Hematology and Oncology Associates where we met up with Dr. Jonas. I had a few more vials of blood taken and another look at the lymph node in my armpit. It's unfortunately still unchanged, however he's encouraged because we probably have a reason because of the diagnosis of mono. He gave me the option of having surgery right now to get it out and test it, but he also thinks it's reasonable to watch it for another 6 weeks. So for now we wait and return in 6 weeks, if it's still there we're heading to the operating room. After that trip we ran a few errands and then went to The Silver Skillet for breakfast. The Silver Skillet is a total dive that's been in Atlanta forever. Because the diner is so old they've used it for tons of movies. Then we went and saw the Bodies Exhibit. It was incredible. The tickets were spendy, so we were excited last week when we got a buy one get one free admission in the mail. After the Bodies Exhibit we did a little window the way H&M is my new favorite store. A few more errands and we ended our day at Jake's Ice Cream, a crazy ice cream shop in the Inman Park neighborhood which is in an antique store. And today we're finishing our day with Figo Pasta while we watch Lost.

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Kim said...

What a great day! I like to hear about great days more often. Most folks only want to talk about a bad day. ilived in Atlanta all my 40 years and I've never been to the Silver Skillet. I think I will go.