Friday, April 17, 2009

Surgery Update

I tried to post an update yesterday, but after I started typing I realized two things: 1) I had way too much vicodin, versed, and dilaudid in my system to make a cohesive statement, and 2) everytime I sat up too long it made me want to throw up. Hence I'm doing better today because I'm able to type this. I'm still in too much pain to try and go to work though. So here's the rundown of my surgery, mostly praises because I was terrified of a few things:
  • getting my IV. I'm not afraid of needles in the least bit (come on I had a bone marrow biopsy without any sedation, I can take an IV) but I'm notoriously hard to stick and it makes me feel bad when people can't get IVs started. Mainly because as a nurse you feel like an idiot anytime you miss anybody's veins, regardless of how hard they are. But no problems, my nurse got in in on the first try.
  • going to sleep. This was where I thought I was going to freak out. There is a loss of control when you are put to sleep for surgery and I've been in plenty of surgeries where things get a little hairy and the patient never finds out. I was replaying all my terrifying surgical cases. But no problems, they gave me some versed before they wheeled me to the operating room and I hardly remember it.
  • waking up in pain and being nauseated. I did wake up with some pain, but the nurses were quite on top of that. I was too asleep to ask what they were giving me, but they put something nice in my IV that made me all warm all over and stopped the pain. For the FBC nurses: I found out later it was dilaudid. Tell Dr. Frank that I liked it and I'm sorry he's allergic to it. But no nausea, Yayyyy!!
The surgery only last about 20 or 30 minutes, but I have a nice incision in my armpit that's about 4 inches long. I spent yesterday on the couch sleeping. I thought at 10pm last night that trying to eat something other than saltines or 7-up was a good idea. BAD idea, it gone thrown up rather quickly. So here I am, waiting for my ibuprophen to kick in and toying with the idea of taking another vicodin without any food in me because I'm scared to eat anything. We'll see. Hopefully we'll get the pathology reports back early next week and we can have this whole ordeal behind us. Thanks for all the prayers.


abs said...

So happy to hear things are going well! Wishing you a speedy recovery and no more vomiting! :D

swaffs said...

Caitlin, I'm glad the surgery went well and I hope you start to feel less nauseous VERY soon! Thinking about you and lifting you up.

Love in Him,

The Smedshammers said...

Surgery=scary but our medical colleagues have definately created ways to make it more bearable. Tylenol#3's were the best for my pain WITHOUT the nausea; worth a try? Hoping you get the BENIGN pathology report SOON.