Monday, June 8, 2009

A big thank you to Southern Savers!!!!!!!

About a week ago I discovered a website called Southern Savers. It is a website that teaches you how to use coupons, store sales, and all the drug stores to your advantage. I spent some time reading and wasn't sure if I was totally convinced. Saturday morning I gathered all my adds and coupons (now remember, this is my first week so I only had 2 weeks worth of coupons). It was fun, sort of like a scavenger hunt...I know, I know I'm sort of weird like that. Anyways....drum roll grand total for groceries pre coupons and sales was $179.02 and here's how much we actually spent $74.94!!!! Are you impressed? I am. I must say thank you to Jenny who runs Southern Savers and spends hours each week I'm sure. CVS actually paid me 2.26 for taking dish soap and some disposable razors off their hands. Yes I did by things we don't use. I bought contact solution, but Rite Aid paid me $2 to buy it, and we'll give it to a friend or a shelter who could use it. If any of you who read our blog live in the Atlanta area and are interested in bringing Jenny to us to teach a class let me know and I'll contact her. She charges $10 per person.

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