Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A very happy birthday to me!!

Yesterday it was my 28th birthday and it was a great day. Thanks to all my friends for the wonderful cards, gifts, calls, and messages I received. I did have to work, but it wasn't so bad. My wonderful coworkers helped me celebrate with yummy cake. I had a beautiful arrangement of flowers delivered to me from my parents at work. I came home to more beautiful flowers from Chris, a card that made me cry and very thoughtful gifts. I got a fully equipped picnic basket (something I've wanted for a long time so now we can have romantic picnics at the park, my favorite champagne, CD's (this is important because I don't buy music, so I have to rely on Chris listening to me say "I like that song" then he buys the CD on ITunes for me), a microplane (if you go back to my previous post of 100 things about me, you'll remember that I think kitchen gadgets are great gifts...and I complain every time I have to zest a lemon that I don't have one), and the most darling apron ( gadgets, and I love aprons, and the best part is that I happened to see it hanging in the store and Chris remembered I thought it was cute). The best thing about all of the gifts I received was that it seemed like people heard little things here and there that I had said and remembered, which really makes me feel special. My parents and my sister gave me great gifts and I can hardly wait for the shopping it will allow. Then today I came home to a beautiful flower arrangement from my inlaws. I got to celebrate for 2 days!!! Chris and I also went and had dinner at JCT Kitchen...highly recommended!!


Kim said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Jillian said...

Happy belated birthday! I'm sorry I didn't remember... boo to me.

PS. I LOVE JCT! So delicious, cool atmosphere, cute patio. Glad you enjoyed it!

Kim said...

I was hoping you would have some pics of a really cool cake to share.