Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I promise we're still alive

Well it probably doesn't seem like it though. We have been quite delinquent in the blogging world. Here's a quick update about our life for the last 3 weeks. Chris has been enjoying his break from school and it's hard to believe but on Monday he begins his final quarter at Portfolio Center. He'll oficially be done in about 3 months. I cn't believe how fast this has gone. He was also just given the amazing opportunity to intern next quarter for an amazing photographer Gregory Miller. We have recently discovered a new restaurant called Bonegarden Cantina, which has yummy Mexican food and pays homage to the day of the dead. Our garden has been quite productive this year. Our zucchinis are going crazy. Chris participated in an photography assistants challenge. They broke into teams and had to do all sorts of crazy drills with equipment. I got a nice laptop bag for being a spectator. My birthday was earlier this month and Chris made it extra special by turning it into a birthday week. He took me to dinner, gave me presents, took me to breakfast, and planned a surprise picnic at the park for me. What a great guy!! By the way, visit Riah's Bluebird cafe...they have the best pancakes. They're located in Grant Park for you Atlantans. Well that's about our last few weeks in a nutshell. We're now eagerly anticipating my friend Barb to arrive tomorrow and we're heading to Savannah.

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