Friday, November 27, 2009

The Biltmore.

The Biltmore house is BANANAS! It is the real deal, the Vanderbilts had to build a temporary railroad to get the supplies to the build site. One person said it best to me, "Biltmore is the real thing from back when they weighted their money!" Also, I got a new toy, a LensBaby! Caitlin and I have always (since we knew of Asheville and the Biltmore) wanted to visit, and the Biltmore is all decorated for Christmas, so we made it a point to get out there before we moved back home. You are not allowed to take any photos inside the house, but you can take as many as you want on the outside. So here are a few from the outside.There is a winery on the grounds also, they do free wine tastings. So, yeah, we stopped by there for a while. It was pretty cool. Here are a couple pictures we got on our way out. The house with Christmas trees in front, and the lit sign at the entrance.In other news: An Asheville local told me that the town of Asheville, which has only a handful of breweries, just took some Beer Capital title. I'm sure the people of Portland are super mad. But I figured, well, I'm here, I might as well sample some local taste. We partook for dinner and a brew at a little place called Jack of the Wood. And it was delicious.

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