Monday, November 23, 2009

Fire Friday

So we have a friend named Sylvie and she does glass work. Mainly she makes glass beads and mermaids. They are cool but I don't have any photos of them here.
Sylvie working it!
The flame was blue, and when you put the glass into it, it turned red and that makes it extremely difficult to see the glass as you work it. So, they have these totally weird glasses that you wear to kill that red flame. When you put them on a few things happen. One, your self esteem plummets. Two, you laugh at each other because they look stupid. Three, you cannot see the red flame, it stays blue, and that was cool. Four, it makes you want to take photos to honor that moment forever.
Regan, in the weird glasses.
Me, looking awesome, in the weird glasses.
Caitlin, rocking the weird glasses.
And Kyle, giving you the over-the-glasses-look, in the weird glasses.
The glass studio is in this big artist complex that also has painters and multimedia artists and a theater and this, a special effects studio. CREEPY!
Looks a bit odd to me...


Sylvie said...

I was so glad ya'll came out to see me play with fire!!!!

I'm sorry we didn't get to do a lesson before you headed to Portland Caitlin!!!

Thank you for the blog post. That was really cool of you!

Regan said...

Haha, okay... My pic is not the most flattering... I'm like, "OMG, look at that guys!"