Saturday, May 1, 2010

C is for decor.

So this is the letter C. It is sitting on the corner of my desk. Caitlin has one too. Hers is sitting next to her sewing machine, on her desk.

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Casey or Chris said...

Chris and Caitlin, this is Casey of Chris and Casey Stark (do you see why I chose to post my comment on "C?") I just wanted to let you know I have seen your blog by way of Serenity's blog, by way of I'm on the Mustard Seed email list. I actually don't even know Serenity personally, she is just a beautiful woman of God who inspires me. Anyway, glad to hear you are back in town and hopefully we run into you sometime. We have many fond memories of the Lows! Our blog is if you want to see our kids! Love to you, Casey Stark