Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

I love to host things. Bible studies, brunches, birthday parties, baby name it, I love it. I'm pretty sure I drive Chris crazy since he doesn't understand why the table runner must match the flowers, but he loves me enough to let me do it. Today we hosted my mom, sister, and mother in law for a Mother's Day brunch. It was such a nice time getting to celebrate with the moms in my life. There was a pink, green and brown theme. I made these amazing vanilla bean scones, this amazing quiche, and served it with a lovely fruit salad and mimosas. I'm really not being conceited...a shout out to both The Pioneer Woman and Paula Dean for two amazing, fail proof recipes. This artwork was made by yours truly, with a little help from hubby with the Illustrator program. And yes, yes, I admit, even my outfit matched the party. The broach was made using this tutorial.


Jordan and Jessica said...

Oh there is just so much to say, so I will bullet point it out. =)

*Love the broach, let's make these when we finish our journals!
*Love the picture of you, Kara, and your mom; just lovely!
*Love the artwork and theme
*That is the BEST haircut you've ever had.

Okay, I think I said it all, love you.

The Lows said...

Thank you, thank you Jessica for the wonderful compliments. I must also tell you that I think of you each time I get to wear my bridesmaid dress, which I was today!! It's such a fun memory of your wedding day!