Monday, February 14, 2011

The laundry room transformation...well it's just about done

This is what our laundry room looked like on closing day. Yep, pretty much the nastiest room in our house. The previous homeowners had done a semi homemade job of framing out a room off of the garage, but never finished the walls or the floors. This lovely washer/dryer came with the house...lucky us. It actually flooded the first day we tried to do laundry. Our realtor had requested a home warranty on the house prior to us buying it, which amazingly allowed us to get a brand new washer and dryer to replace the rusty, flooding machine. However, the new machines in all their white, water saving, electrical saving, and eco friendly glory sat in the garage for a few weeks while the room was prepped. We demoed out all of the existing shelves and fixtures. We hired plumbers to put all of the plumbing back inside the walls. There was a minor setback having to pump water out of the crawl space before the plumbers would go under the house. Laying the subfloor was the first project. Chris and his dad took this project on and had to get pretty creative working around the crawl space entrance.Hiring sheetrockers was the best $350 we could have spent!! Isn't the room looking pretty? Next came paint (a lovely shade of gray) and laying the peel and stick vinyl tiles. Which were the easiest projects in the room. Caitlin's dad came over to help put in the washer and dryer. What you don't see is the other side of the room with the furnace and water heater, which we had to pull out to finish laying the floor. Thanks dad for the help! Notice the hardly noticeable crawl space entrance. The finished (almost) room!!! We have a few final details to finish. We need a few more shelves, but they're on back order, a rug, finish up some trim, and put the door back. Not bad for our first major reno!

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