Sunday, October 28, 2007

New Job

So here's the latest update. I have started my new job at Matria. I will be a primary case manager, which means: I organize in home care for high risk ob patients between the physician, patient, and the home health nurses. This service allows for a time to educate patients and will hopefully prevent many patients from being admitted to the hospital and potentially prevent some preterm deliveries, thus preventing some outrageous labor and delivery and NICU bills. So far I love it!!!!! I never imagined that I would step away from the bedside, but the model of this company is so fascinating to be a part of. It's one of the first companies to realize the importance of patient education and prevention. I work in a little area of the building with 5 other nurses. We each have a cubicle, which I just think is hilarious. The other 5 nurses I work with are all amazing and so much fun. I will also be doing what's called "Babyline" which is a 24 hour advice line for pregnant patients up until their baby is 6 weeks old. We are still in the process of painting and getting our apartment looking better. Next weekend we're taking out the old countertop. I know that we're probably going to get in trouble, but oh well. Maybe in 2 years they won't remember what it looked like before we moved in. We'll post pictures as soon as we're done. Love you all


Leach Family said...


Glad its going well!! you sound much happier. Got home from Disneyland late last night. It was really fun. Are you doing anything fun for Halloween?

Anonymous said...

so where are all of those pics you are gonna post?huh? grandma told me that you called her,i think you made her b-day. bill got in a wreck,he rearended a brand new 2008 bmw,she was pretty pissed,she had just got her plates that day. bill was pretty shook up and still is.he totaled his truck and barely scratched hers.he found out today she is seeing a doctor.thats probably how she got her beamer in the first place.but at least he's ok. i love you