Sunday, October 14, 2007

suday morning

Just a short update here. Since Caitlin got a new job we will be moving. We found lots of place to move to but none of them made perfect sense for us. Finally on a whim while driving around apt shopping we drove down Peachtree Memorial Drive in the Buckhead district of Atlanta. Down at the end was a bunch of rad old colonial looking brick buildings with classic screened porches sticking out the front. A couple days later we were able to get inside and see them...they we applied and will be finding out soon if we have a new home or not. Buckhead is an affluent area so we really should be paying more for this apt than we will be, we kinda got a deal, once we move in we'll post some photos for y'all. I think once we settle into the place we will be for the duration of our time here we will start feeling more at home. Then we will also be able to commit to a church family and a small group and maybe even serve somewhere, and the best part ACTUALLY go to church together. we have not been able to go to church together more than I think twice since we got here. That sucks! So needless to say we are both stoked on that. Also i will be able to walk to school, hooray for no more 9 mile 45 minute commutes. Caitlin will have to drive to work now but its all freeway and SHOULD be cake at the times she will be traveling. the ONLY bummer is that she will be working until about 11 every evening, but that will give me time to do my school work. A couple facts about Buckhead: the 3 richest zip codes in atlanta are in Buckhead (so we'll be the poor kids), there are 15 streets with the name Peachtree in them (example our new address on Peachtree Memorial), okay only two facts, i can't remember any more. Thanks for reading up on our lives.

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DKG&Z said...

Hi guys. We cant wait to see the photos, the place sounds awesome. We really wish we could get a flight through Atlanta on the way to Portland so we could stop in for a visit. We are really glad to hear about the new work situation too. Hope it is as good as it sounds.

Blessings, Douglas & Karen