Monday, October 22, 2007

before pictures

you have to wait for the after photos. we are in our new place now, it is about 60 years old and is dripping with character. we have our first round of pest control coming this week, we are not used to seeing some of these bugs that are totally normal for this part of the country. we will post after photos later but here is an idea of where we live.this is from our screened porch, the bldg across the way looks just like ours, if you go down that road you hit one of the main veins of atlanta called Peachtree, one of the many, but the main one. living room, door on left is to patio dining room weird kitchen the bath another view from our porch...and...the largest directions ever!


Leach Family said...


I love the new place!! As you can tell, I started a blog of my own. It seems to be the "thing" to do!!!

jordan said...

Keep that kitchen black and white and take some cool pictures in there!

Anonymous said...

i want to see some pics of those bugs, see if you cant get one to pose for you.that house is awesome
cant wait to see furnature in it.
you probably cant do you like your job caitlin?
love you two