Saturday, January 31, 2009


By now many of you have probably heard the news about the octuplets born in Southern California this week, any many of you probably think that this is sort of exciting. Scary is more like it. I would just like to quickly say a thing or two about this. I will not begin to speculate on the treatment this person was undergoing, because I don't know the facts, but it is guaranteed that she used some sort of fertility treatment. Because I work in infertility I want to make it clear that more babies is not better. Our goal in any infertility treatment is to get parents one healthy baby. Sure we see twins at a rate higher than occurs naturally, but most woman can carry twins safely. However, the potential lifelong complications these children could face is very real. Anyways, that's about all I want to say. And yes, by the way, I love the show Jon and Kate plus 8.

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