Saturday, January 24, 2009

A very jealous wife

So a few days ago Chris received a text message from Jerry who is one of his teachers and in charge of the photography department at Portfolio Center. The text messages went a little like this: Jerry: do you have a passport? Chris: of course. Jerry: can you get 7 days off of work. Chris (who got really excited): yes and then no response from Jerry for like 20 minutes... Chris: don't leave me hanging. Jerry: I'll call you later I'm boarding a plane. and so we waited for that phone call wondering what it meant and finally 24 hours later Jerry called. He's taking Chris as an assistant on a shoot he's doing for Royal Carribean. An all expense paid 7 day cruise!!!!!!! I'm jealous.


Jillian said...

Oh my gosh! Good for Chris! And bad for you. And me. I want to go!

Anonymous said...

How exciting, and yes I would be so jealous too. I'm sure he'll need a second shooter, and then you and I could have a date in the big ATL! Miss you!

DKG&Z said...

There has got to be way to get both of you on the trip! That is to good to pass up.

abs said...

Whoa! This is very cool for your hubby...but don't they realize that he will probably need a personal nurse for the trip...I mean for things like, um...sea sickness! You should definitely get to go too! :)