Monday, January 12, 2009


It's been awhile since we've posted anything, so let me give you some quick updates. Since being back in Georgia I've returned to work, which never has a dull day. I've been there 4 months so I'm still learning ALOT. Who knew there was so much to know about getting pregnant!! But I truly enjoy it and my coworkers are amazing. Chris started his new quarter 6 of 8 now!!! Wow he's over halfway done. We've been able to start up our small group again and I'm so excited for the year to come. We spent the last 4 months getting to know our group and now I think we're going to be able to develop deep relationships. We're so excited and feel very blessed that we have such an amazing group of friends here in Georgia. Well that's about it, I've been typing notes into charts all day at work and don't have it in me to add much more.

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Kim said...

Hi Caitlin! Happy New Year

Have you guys seen the movie Fire Proof with Kirk Cameron?