Monday, February 2, 2009

An unexpected trip

Both Chris and I have been frustrated lately because of how busy both of us are that we really haven't had time to spend together. Most of our time has been late at night laying on the couch. We were frustrated we were sort of in a rut. On Sunday I got home from work at about 1 and the sun was shinning. After we had lunch we talked about going to the park with the dog. However, we decided to find out if there was somewhere we could go that we hadn't seen yet that wasn't too far away, because we had our small group in 4 hours. We decided to check out Serenbe which is a farm to table community that is about an hour south of our house. The community is still under construction, but there are farms, homes, inns, boutiques, galleries, and restaurants all focusing on the farm to table idea. This was one of the expensive homes that was for sale, about a million dollars, but it was beautiful. One day I'll get a kitty. There are tons of trails all throughout the property. We didn't have much time once we got there to explore, so our plan is to go back another time, maybe spend the night. We went into a photography gallery and met this great Australian guy, it was actually a great networking trip for Chris. He recommended we get a cup of coffee at the Blue Daisy Cafe. The cafe was one of the cutest things ever. They had great sweet tea and really yummy coconut cupcakes. We enjoy living in the city and being close to everything, but we realized how relaxed we both feel when we get away from the city as well.

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