Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Home, the kid, and lies.

I'm Home. Alright. So I'm a liar. I told Caitlin that I wouldn't be getting home until Christmas Eve. Even though Nate and I had made some good time and Caitlin knew that, I led her to believe that I still might only be home ONE day early. The fact is that I was planning to be home one day early ever since we made it past our first destination of Abilene Texas, all the way to a place called Sweetwater. For the record, I don't know, I didn't taste the water. So Nate and I were ahead of schedule by one day and I was planning on staying the night with Nate and his family in Fullerton, CA, that would still get me home on the 23rd. But once we got to his place I was just tired and wanted to get home. I love Nate and his family and wanted to hang out with them all but my desire to get home was greater. So I stayed and we had a great lunch and then I took off, up to Woodland, CA. Now I was TWO days ahead, and she had no idea. I left Woodland on the morning of the 22nd and hit the 5 north. This story is getting too long...the fact is that I am home, two days early, here are some photos of Nate and Lisa's kid Blake, and I am a liar.
Cute huh?

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