Wednesday, December 16, 2009

OK, it is time.

I am sitting on my floor, my bare, empty floor. In the corner. For just about two years our bookshelf lived right here. full of books, and boxes and decorated with a couple pictures in frames. You know the one of us on our honeymoon, on the beach with the catamaran behind us, the frame has a little airplane and camera on it. Anyway, it's gone now: the bookshelf, not the picture frame, it sold for $50. So, while I clean and pack my laptop sits here playing Pandora, the Live station, it is currently playing 'If you could only see' by Tonic. I am ready to go home. I am sad to leave ATL and my ATL family. ATL family, I will miss you, a LOT! But I am ready to go home. Ready. Now I am rambling, but I really am ready to road-trip my dog back home and see Caitlin. Caitlin, I miss you and can't wait to come home and see you. I must cut this short because i have to continue cleaning and packing so I can leave tomorrow morning. New Orleans here I come! I'll do my best to Blog the road trip.

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Jordan and Jessica said...

I love that frame, glad you sold the bookshelf and not the frame! =) Praying for you as you journey and say goodbye.