Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Orleans to LA.

Okay, so there has not been much of a chance for me to do any blogging because Motel 6 has not had any available internet. Now that I am at Nate's house in Fullerton, CA I'll just use his internet. I'll thrown in all the photos from NO to LA here because that whole stretch is pretty much the same.some jazz in New Orleans
yoda on the job
we went to Dallas, Texas to see Nate's house and the tenants have a new puppy, cute, eh?
sonic for brunch
Gunnar while waiting at sonic
80 mph speed limit...nice
a lot of this...
...and this...
oh this was great! I was on E, really really on E, and needed gas. This was the first gas station we came upon. They were only serving Super, at 2.99, so I bought. Then down the road like a quarter mile, another station, and yes they had regular at like 2.39...go figure!
We think this is Mexico!
we KNOW this is Mexico
entering Cali!

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