Saturday, December 19, 2009

My day in NOLA!

So first off, New Orleans is a beautiful city, and I want to bring Caitlin back to enjoy it. I took Gunnar to a doggy day care place called Fleur De Paws and he had his own room! It was great and they loved him. He had never been at a day care before and I guess he did really well. The reason I did that was so I could walk around all day and make some pictures. So here are some.
Gunnar's doggy day care.
This was across the street from Fleur De Paws at the Mardi Gras World, they make the parade floats there.
The first time I try to park my baggy of change broke and dumped everywhere.
I just thought this one was interesting.
How could I not go into a hat store in the south?!
Wall of hats.
There is a cool train system down Canal street.
Peace Y'all.
Lots of VooDoo.
I made some portraits of an artist and got a deal on that red piece.
Cafe Du Monde, world famous good!
...end school...
They begged for thier picture to be taken.
...yeah, he was playing AC/DC...
Sunset on the Gulf.

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