Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's Over

Well WAMU has finally become a memory of our past. Chris' last day at the bank was today. Chris started at WAMU right after college and quickly learned that it was not his calling in life. He had been there about 3 years when we made the decision for him to go back to school. Although he didn't enjoy it most days he stuck it out and WAMU has proven to be faithful to us, providing health insurance and paying his way through school, paying off student loan debt, and buying his car here. It has been a long time coming and I feel very blessed to have a husband that stuck it out so that I had a sense of financial security. Now that tuition is paid for, my medical ordeal is over, and we're almost out of debt (yes we will be calling Dave Ramsey when our last $4000 is paid) it was time. Although he's had plenty of freelance work and assisting work, now is when we will come to rely solely on self employment from his side. This is definitely scary, but I have a very talented husband who will do great!!!

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