Saturday, May 2, 2009


So we live ITP (inside the perimeter) for those of you that don't speak ATL (atlanta). The perimeter is a free way that circles the entire city and most ITPers don't find the need to leave the perimeter because anything you could need is ITP and traffic sucks and who wants to deal with that? So last weekend we took a trip OTP (outside the perimeter). We went to Macon GA to go to the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame. Chris is doing a project on "gold" and we were gathering information for the project. This project has the potential to turn out AMAZING and be very impotant for Chris' career, but that's about all I think I can say right now. Since Chris was shooting and taking notes, to keep myself entertained I read every single information piece displayed. I learned alot. Went down with a guy from Chris' class and his partner. We had a ton of fun and even took a side trip to see a grave of the Almon Brothers....weird. GO DAWGS!!! They had lots of information about the Olympics, Special Olympics, and Paralympics. Here's the map to the Almon Brothers grave.

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