Monday, February 14, 2011

A blow dryer, a hanger, a turkey baster, and pajamas

Oh yes, they actually do have something in common. Last weekend we noticed that our freezer was collecting a sheet of ice on the bottom of it, which was then causing water to leak into our refrigerator. I wouldn't be that sad about it, but the kitchen demo isn't scheduled for a year and I was not in the mood to drop $1500+ on a refrigerator. Enter Google...I figured out the problem, but knew it was going to take an entire weekend day to thaw the fridge. We started the process, then decided we didn't have the time, (we did have a major laundry room overhaul on our hands) and that the freezer was going to have to stay broken for another week.... ...until we learned that our fridge wasn't cold anymore. Here's where the pajamas come in. Yep, it was 11pm on a Sunday night and I was determined not to loose all the groceries we just bought. Enter Google again, this time for the solution. After a trip to WINCO for a turkey baster (thank you for being open 24 hours), a long run with the blowdryer, and some boiling water we had unthawed the drainpipe to our freezer. Thanks to Google again we have the solution to our problem. Our refrigerator should last until the day next year we kick it to the curb (or sell it on Craigslist) for a nice shiny new one to complement the rest of the new kitchen!Take that Maytag repair man!

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