Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Product Spotlight: Electrolux Ergorapido Stick Vac

Sometimes you're walking through a (large big box bed and bath) store and you see an item you just have to have. Sure, you went to said store with all intentions of looking for said item, but didn't really think you'd come across it. Then the most amazing thing happens in said are drawn to a lovely little creature whose sole purpose in life (or so the label says) is to pick up all those stray dog hairs, human hairs (since I shed more than our pooch), dirt, and all those other nasty things that accumulate on hardwood floors. Could it be, you think to yourself that this little device is the answer to all your hardwood floor woes? And then it gets show this little creature to your husband, who is never swayed at all by labels, colors, or any other marketing gimmick that his wife is drawn to...and he also thinks it's the coolest thing he's ever seen (really only because it's orange). The wonderful husband he is agrees to take it home that day. But only if it were that easy. This big box store is all out of stock...others have fallen for this orange creature. Nothing a quick traipse across town can't fix. And what's better? A 20% off coupon of course. Creature gets put back in the back of the car and taken to it's new home, where it turns out, he's not only handsome, but very, very useful. The moral of this story? Electrolux Ergorapido is pretty cool. Okay, okay, a little over the top, but believe me when I say this thing is wonderful. Not only is it a stick vacuum, but you can take the handle off and use it as a dust buster as well. The only problem was where to store this guy. We are lucky to have a cousin who loves us (and is an electrician) who installed an outlet, wait who taught my hubby how to install an outlet in our hall closet. So now this guy is easily accessible and always fully charged. Want one for yourself? Check out this link.

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Anonymous said...

We just got one of these at Costco for our new house with hard floors, and a very hairy lab!! Love it on the hardwood, but it doesn't do quite as well on tile...... Still haven't finished using it to clean the very dirty blinds that were left behind for us, but that is on my list of to-do's. Fun to check out your blog and see all of your progress....
Amy Sheldon